Micro High Speed Centrifuges MHSC-021

Micro High Speed Centrifuges MHSC-021


  • Microprocessor control. (5)
  • Positive action brake system. (4)
  • Interlocking door for safety. (4)
  • Digital display of RPM, RCF, time and program.
  • Maintenance-free, noiseless, and brushless AC induction motor.
  • Set conditions can be changed while spinning.
  • Display of abnormality : imbalance, door-open, setting failure and over speed.


Maximum RPM:
Maximum RCF:
19,872 x g
Maximum Capacity:
24 x 1.5/2.0ml
Temperature Range:
Air cooling
Brake Selection:
3 Steps: Slow, Normal, Fast
Digital Display:
RPM, RCF, Time and Program
Dimension (W x D x H):
310 x 340 x 285/mm
22 kg
Power Requirement:
220V, 60Hz, 0.5KW, Single Phase 0.4KW

Product Details:

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Micro High Speed Centrifuge
Micro High Speed Centrifuges MHSC-021
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Micro High Speed centrifuge Model MHSC-021 used in a wide range of environments, including microbiological, molecular biological, PCR/DNA, satellite blood processing centers, and medical research. Technical parameter uses AC brushless induction motor, maintenance free, noiseless and set conditions can be changed while spinning.