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Hematology Centrifuge EHC-109
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Max RPM/RCF: 16600/19200
  • Automated RPM/RCF conversion
  • Less turnaround time: starts and stops in second-best for quick spin and microfiltration
  • Real Time monitoring/troubleshooting of running protocol
  • Automated door balance system
  • Electronic door lock system
  • Better performance with best safety concern:
    • Brushless High Torque motor without maintenance
    • Advance Microprocessor
    • Fast uploading and unloading of rotor for easy and less time consuming operation
    • High grade stainless steel centrifuge chamber
Easy user interface LCD display with dual loop heating and cooling
Max. RPM/RCF 16600/19200g
Capacity 300ml
Speed accuracy ±50r/min
Temperature Non Refrigerated
Rotor type Angle
Time Range 0-99
Noise ≤65db
Voltage (Volts/Hz) 220/50
Catalog No. 31120301
Model Rotor type Max RPM/RCF Capacity Image
EAR-46 Angle 16600/19200 g 1.5ml×12
EAR-47 Angle 16600/19200 g 0.5ml×18
EAR-48 Angle 13000/16060 g 1.5ml×24
EAR-49 Angle 13000/16060 g 2.0ml×24
EAR-50 Angle 13000/14740 g 0.5ml×48
EAR-51 Angle 13000/11500 g 5ml×10
EAR-52 Angle 12000/14800 g 10ml×12
EAR-53 Angle 12000/14800 g 50ml×6
EAR-54 Angle 10000/10290 g 15ml×12

Hematology Centrifuge