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Blood Bank Centrifuge EBC-113
  • Capacity: 1.5/2.2ml×36
  • Max RPM/RCF: 16500/18360
  • Less turnaround time: starts and stops in seconds and best for quick spin and microfiltration
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
  • Better performance:
    • AC/DC-Brushless conversion motor without maintenance with Over Speed Protection System
    • Advance Microprocessor with LCD/LED display-Optional
  • Best safety: High tension polycarbonate (PC) lid - ensures safety during high speed centrifugation process. Auto stop when lid is open during running. Over Temperature protection. Made from Best industrial grade Steel. Aluminum alloy rotors
  • Door Cover Protection System
  • Automated Balancing System
High grade stainless steel chamber. Easy user interface with Integrated Digital display. Auto Open and Safety lid device.
Max. RPM/RCF 16500/18360g
Capacity 1.5/2.2ml×36
Temperature -20 to 40°C
Speed accuracy ±50r/min
Rotor type Angle
Acceleration and Deceleration Acc time: 20 sec shortest ,Dec time:18 sec shortest steps
Noise <65db
Time Range 0-99 min.
Voltage (Volts/Hz) 220/50
Catalog No. 31145701
Model Rotor type Max RPM/RCF Capacity Image
EAR-151 Angle 16500/18360 g 1.5ml×12
EAR-152 Angle 16500/18360 g 2.2ml×12
EAR-153 Angle 13000/11400 g 5ml×10
EAR-154 Angle 12000/13050 g 1.5ml×24
EAR-155 Angle 12000/13050 g 2.2ml×24
EAR-156 Angle 11000/10790 g 1.5ml×36
EAR-157 Angle 11000/10790 g 2.2ml×36
EAR-158 Angle 12000/10920 g 0.5ml×48
EAR-159 Angle 12000/6900 g 0.2ml×3×8

Blood Bank Centrifuge