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Mol Bio Centrifuge EMBC-104
  • Capacity: 50ml×6
  • Max RPM/RCF:16500/18930
  • Acceleration and deceleration: 0-9 steps
  • Automated RM/RCF Conversion
  • Less turnaround time: starts and stops in seconds and best for quick spin and microfiltration
  • Better performance: Brushless motor without maintenance
  • Over Speed and Over Temperature Protection System
  • Door Cover Protection System
  • Automated Balancing System
  • Best safety: High tension polycarbonate (PC) lid ensures safety during high speed centrifugation process .Auto stop when lid is open during running.
High grade stainless steel chamber. Easy user interface with Integrated LCD/LED display. Auto Open and Safety lid device.
Application: For sample preparation in Molecular Biology and Proteomics Labs
Max. RPM/RCF 16500/18930g
Capacity 50ml×6
Temperature Non Refrigerated
Rotor type Angle
Time Range 0-99
Voltage (Volts/Hz) 220/60
Catalog No. 31187401
Model Rotor type Max RPM/RCF Capacity Image
EAR-193 Angle 16500/18930 g 1.5ml×12
EAR-194 Angle 16500/18930 g 2.2ml×12
EAR-195 Angle 13000/11400 g 5ml×10
EAR-196 Angle 12000/14800 g 10ml×12
EAR-197 Angle 12000/14800 g 50ml×6
EAR-198 Angle 6000/3200 g 10ml×4
EAR-199 Angle 13200/16110 g 1.5ml×24
EAR-200 Angle 13200/16110 g 2.2ml×24
EAR-201 Angle 16000/23669 g 0.5ml×36
EAR-202 Angle 16000/23669 g 0.5ml×48
EMR-14 Microplate 3000/1400 g 2×48 well

Mol Bio Centrifuge