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Industrial Centrifuge EIC-107
  • Capacity:800-5000 L/hr.
  • Max RPM:6738
  • Better performance:
    • Main body part gold coated to sustain critical shock
    • Easy loading and Uploading
    • Enabled with QC device to check the purity of product
    • High recovery rate
  • Best Safety:
    • High strength Compact size with less noise
High grade stainless steel chamber. Easy user interface with Integrated LCD/LED display, auto open and safety lid device.
Application:Two phase and three phase solid-Liquid separation in following industries: Textile, Leather, Oil, Food, Dairy, Biotech and Pharmaceutical
Max. RPM/RCF 6738g
Capacity 800-5000L/hr
Temperature Non Refrigerated
Catalog No. 31199101
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Industrial Centrifuge