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A laboratory centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment, driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. There are various types of centrifuges, depending on the size and the sample capacity.[1]

Like all other centrifuges, laboratory centrifuges work by the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration is used to separate substances of greater and lesser density.

Refrigerated centrifuge:

Few samples require a specific set temperature even during centrifugation so as to avoid degradation of samples. Hence people working with such samples use refrigerated centrifuges which generally have a temperature range between -20°C to +40 °C. These have rotors which can hold up to 100mlx4. There are bench top and floor standing models to suit each laboratory based on the requirement.

Non- Refrigerated Centrifuge:

For samples which doesn’t require a specific temperature for operation these centrifuges are apt. These come with  varied rotors which can hold samples from 50ml tubes to 100ml tubes. These also can further be classified into bench top and floor standing depending upon the dimensions of the instrument.

High Sped centrifuge:

In some experiments there are samples that will require a very high RPM to get separated. For such laboratories these type of centrifuges serve best. The RPM of a high speed centrifuge generally ranges between 300RPm to 20000RPM and in few cases the maximum speed may even be higher than 20000RPM. For even better separation of samples there is a refrigerated and non refrigerated version of this model.