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Centrifuges.com being one of the largest suppliers of lab equipment and a well reputed organization, strives hard to deliver cutting edge technology to their customers for obtaining accurate results, minimizing the errors.

We understand the unique requirement of our customers and supply a range of centrifuges with a diversified classification based on the RPM, volume and temperature at which it is operated. This machine helps a user to efficiently pellet out the particles that are present in solution. The use of centrifuges in industries, medical and health departments, laboratory, research and other such allied fields dates back very long ago and now these instruments are playing a very crucial role in experimentation, analysis and research work

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Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing clinically superior and cost effective solutions improving patient life. We hold an extensive range of healthcare including medical monitors, diagnostic equipment’s, laboratory medical devices, measuring devices, life supporting medical equipment’s, treatment devices, accessories, consumables and hospital furniture’s providing comprehensive array of products for Medical and Hospital environment

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